Unlocking the Truth: Bilt Mastercard® Reviews Revealed

Are you tired of paying rent without reaping any rewards? Do you wish there was a credit card that actually rewarded you for one of your biggest monthly expenses?

Well, buckle up, because the Bilt Mastercard® is here to change the game for renters and savvy spenders alike.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into this groundbreaking card’s unique features, perks, and benefits, and how it can help you unlock a world of rewards on rent payments and beyond.

Don’t miss our Bilt Mastercard® reviews to make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Earn points on rent payments with the Bilt Mastercard®, no fees included!
  • Enjoy double rewards, travel protections & purchase safeguards, and exclusive merchant discounts.
  • Make your dreams come true by redeeming for travel or non-travel redemptions and maximizing your rewards game with Chase Trifecta. Unlock a world of possibilities!

Bilt Mastercard®: What Makes It Stand Out?

Bilt Mastercard®

  • 1X per dollar on Rent
  • 3X per dollar on Dining
  • 2X per dollar on Travel (booked directly through a hotel, airline, or car rental)
  • 1X per dollar for all other purchases


  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Bilt Elite Status Tiers gives more benefits
  • Earn point on Rent payment with no fee
  • Double points on Rent Day (Except Rent payment)Primary car rental and
  • Primary car rental
  • Cell phone insurance
  • Five card transactions per statement period to earn rewards is required
  • No Welcome bonus
  • High regular APR range
  • Requires excellent credit

This nifty card offers amazing credit card rewards, such as paying rent without any pesky transaction fees, earning points on rent, travel, dining, and other purchases, and a fantastic, Bilt Rewards points program.

But what sets the Bilt Mastercard® truly apart from the competition is its unique focus on rent payments.

You will be able to earn points on rent, which can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, or even future rent payments!
With this card, renters can pay their rent without any transaction fees, whether it’s through ACH transfer, Venmo, Paypal, or good ol’ check-in-the-mail. (Bilt Mastercard® does not support Zelle today.)

But that’s not all! The Bilt Mastercard® is not just a tool for financial transactions. It’s a lifestyle enhancer, a passport to a world of perks and benefits.
With this card, you’re not just paying your rent – you’re unlocking a treasure trove of potential rewards and advantages, from travel and dining to shopping and more. It’s a card that understands your needs and wants and has been tailored to meet and exceed them.

So why settle for less when you can have it all with the Bilt Mastercard®?

Fee-Free Rent Payments

No more worries about dreaded foreign transaction fees or other charges when paying rent with your credit card! The Bilt Mastercard® allows users to make an ACH (bank transfer) payment through their landlord’s online payment system or have Bilt send a check on their behalf – no transaction fee required.
Furthermore, The Bilt Mastercard says it works at nearly all apartments. If you pay rent to your landlord via Venmo, Paypal, or any other online portal, you will be able to earn points on rent! (But the Bilt Mastercard® does not support Zelle today.)

This is a rare and valuable feature among credit cards, giving you the freedom to pay rent without worrying about extra charges piling up.

Earning Points on Rent

With the Bilt Mastercard®, earning rewards on rent is a breeze.

Cardholders can earn 1 point for every dollar spent on rent, making it easier to accumulate rewards on one of their most significant monthly expenses.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! You can also score 3 points per dollar on dining and 2 points per dollar on travel.

So, not only are you earning points on rent, but you’re also racking up rewards points for all your other adventures.

C-L-Credit’s tips

Just remember, to earn Bilt Points, you must use the card at least 5 times each statement period. So, mark your calendars and get ready to make the most of your Rent Day! This is a day when every dollar spent works doubly hard for you, bringing you closer to your dream rewards.

Versatile Rewards Program

The Bilt Rewards card program, known for its versatility, provides a wide range of redemption options tailored to your preferences. You can:

  • Transfer your hard-earned Bilt points to top-notch airline and hotel partners like United MileagePlus and World of Hyatt
  • Book your next getaway through its travel portal
  • Get rent discounts
  • Stay fit with fitness rewards
  • Treat yourself to some merchandise

With so many ways to use your points, you’ll never run out of possibilities.

Bilt Elite Status Tiers

Bilt Elite Status Tiers are levels within the Bilt Rewards program that offer increasingly valuable benefits and perks to members based on their points earned or spending. As of January 1, 2024, these tiers are structured as follows:

  1. Blue Status: This is the basic level for all enrolled members who have earned less than 50,000 points in a calendar year.
  2. Silver Status: Achieved by members who earn between 50,000 and 124,999 points in a calendar year. Silver status comes with additional benefits compared to the Blue tier.
  3. Gold Status: Reached by members who accumulate between 125,000 and 199,999 points within a calendar year. Gold status provides more significant perks and rewards.
  4. Platinum Status: The highest tier, attained by members who earn at least 200,000 points in a calendar year. Platinum status offers the most exclusive benefits and rewards in the program.

Additionally, there’s a Fast Track option based on spending, where members can achieve these tiers based on the amount of money spent in specific categories, such as purchases made with the Bilt Mastercard (excluding rent), spending in the Bilt Travel Portal, at Bilt Dining restaurants, and on certain other purchases. The spending thresholds for the Fast Track to each status are:

  • Blue Status: Less than $10,000 spent in a calendar year.
  • Silver Status: Between $10,000 and $24,999 spent in a calendar year.
  • Gold Status: Between $25,000 and $49,999 spent in a calendar year.
  • Platinum Status: $50,000 or more spent in a calendar year.

These status tiers are designed to reward members for their engagement and spending within the Bilt Rewards ecosystem, offering benefits like earning interest on points, access to a home-buying concierge, bonus points on lease renewals, and exclusive gifts for higher tiers.

More Understanding what is the Bilt Elite Status Tiers:

Bilt Mastercard® Perks and Benefits

A person using a Bilt Mastercard® credit card to access travel protections

As if earning points on rent payments and a versatile rewards program weren’t enough, the Bilt Mastercard® goes above and beyond with its perks and benefits. From travel protections like trip cancellation and interruption coverage to purchase protections such as cell phone insurance, this card offers a suite of features that will make you feel like a VIP.

Equally important are the merchant discounts and World Elite Concierge services, which provide exclusive offers and assistance at your fingertips.

Travel Protections

When it comes to travel, sometimes the unexpected happens. That’s why the Bilt Mastercard® has your back with an array of travel protections, including trip cancellation and interruption protection, trip delay reimbursement of up to $1,800, and a primary auto rental collision damage waiver.

Regardless of whether you encounter a family emergency or an unexpected delay, the Bilt Mastercard® ensures that you travel stress-free.

Purchase Protections

We all know accidents happen, and that’s why the Bilt Mastercard® offers purchase protections to keep your prized possessions safe. With cell phone protection, you can get reimbursed up to $800 for any damage, theft, or accidental misplacement of your phone, with a low $25 deductible.

Furthermore, the Purchase Assurance Plus program guards your new purchases against unexpected damage or loss for a solid 90 days, up to $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per cardholder.

Merchant Discounts and World Elite Concierge Services

Who doesn’t love a good deal? With the Bilt Mastercard®, you can:

  • Score exclusive discounts with brands like Lyft and ShopRunner
  • Enjoy upgrades and freebies when staying in the Mastercard Luxury Hotels & Resorts portfolio
  • Access the World Elite Concierge service, which offers 24/7 assistance for everything from booking travel to recommending restaurants and providing help with various needs.

Plus, golf enthusiasts can indulge in exclusive golf offers and experiences with the PGA TOUR® through the Golf Concierge Services.

How to Earn and Maximize Bilt Points

A person using a Bilt Mastercard® credit card to earn points on everyday purchases

So, you’ve got your Bilt Mastercard® and are ready to start raking in those points. But how do you make the most out of your rewards? It’s easy – here are some tips:

  • Earn Bilt points through everyday spending like rent, dining, and travel
  • Take advantage of promotions and special offers
  • Refer friends to join the Bilt family

With a multitude of ways to accumulate and enhance your points, you’ll quickly reach the point of redeeming rewards.

Everyday Spending

Earning Bilt points isn’t exclusive to big spenders. In fact, the more you use your Bilt Mastercard® for everyday spending, the more points you’ll accumulate. Here’s how many points you can earn for different types of purchases:

  • 1 point for every dollar you spend on rent
  • 3 points per dollar for dining purchases
  • 2 points per dollar when travelling
  • 1 point per dollar for all other purchases

Be it paying rent, dining out, or planning a trip, your Bilt points will accumulate swiftly.

Promotions and Special Offers

Keep an eye out for special promotions and offers from Bilt Mastercard® that can help you earn additional points. Rent Day is a great opportunity for bonus points. You can earn double points on non-rent spending, up to 10,000 points. Plus, limited-time offers like the Rent Day promotion can help you earn even more points on your everyday purchases.

Stay up to date with the latest promotions through the Bilt app, email, and social media.

Referral Program

Earn even more Bilt points by referring friends to join the Bilt Mastercard® family. Here’s how it works:

  • For every successful referral, you can earn up to 2,500 points.
  • You’ll get a 10,000-point bonus for every fifth referral approved.
  • Plus, you can earn up to a whopping 2 million points through referrals!

So spread the word and watch your points pile up.

Redeeming Bilt Points: Making the Most of Your Rewards

A person using a Bilt Mastercard® credit card to redeem points for travel rewards

Now that you’ve accumulated all those Bilt points, it’s time to put them to good use. From travel redemptions and transfers to non-travel options, there are plenty of ways to redeem your points and make the most of your rewards. Whether you’re planning a dream vacation, treating yourself to some retail therapy, or even paying down your rent, your Bilt points can help you unlock a world of possibilities.

RENT DAY: Double Points Extravaganza

RENT DAY: Double Points Extravaganza

On the first of every month, it’s not just another day for Bilt Mastercard® cardholders, it’s a chance to double up on points with non-rent purchases. Let’s dive deeper into this exciting opportunity. Here’s how it works:

  • Enjoy a whopping 6X Bilt Points on dining⁹. That’s right, whether you’re having a quick bite at a fast-food joint or indulging in a gourmet meal at a fine dining restaurant, you’ll be earning six times the usual points!
  • Get 4X Bilt Points on travel (including flights, hotels, and car rentals)⁹. Planning a getaway? This is your chance to rack up points while booking your flights, hotels, and even car rentals. Your dream vacation just got a little more rewarding!
  • Earn 2X Bilt Points on all other purchases (excluding rent)⁹. From your daily grocery haul to the latest gadget, every purchase earns you double points.

Cardholders will earn double points in the above categories up to a limit of 10,000 Bilt Points. But that’s not all! You’ll also continue to earn 1x Bilt Points on your rent payments when you pay with the Bilt Mastercard®, from the moment the clock strikes 12 am ET until it hits 11:59 pm PT.

Bilt Dining Benefit

Bilt Dining is a unique feature of the Bilt Rewards program. It comprises a selection of restaurants in various cities where Bilt Members can earn points when they pay for their meals using an eligible card from their Bilt Wallet.
Eligible cards must be a Visa®, Mastercard®, or American Express® card. These restaurants can be easily located in the “Dining” section of the Bilt app.

The Bilt Wallet is a feature within the Bilt app where Bilt Members can link their payment methods to their Bilt accounts. If a Bilt Member possesses a Bilt Mastercard®, this card will automatically be added to the member’s Bilt Wallet. However, Bilt Members also have the option to add other cards to their Bilt Wallet.

When dining at a Bilt Dining restaurant, Bilt Members can earn between 2X and 10X points. This is possible when they pay with any eligible card stored in their Bilt Wallet.

Moreover, with Bilt Dining, Bilt Members can still earn their usual rewards from the card they use to pay. This means that when Bilt Members pay at a Bilt Dining restaurant with an eligible card in their Bilt Wallet, they will earn both the Bilt Dining bonus (between 2X and 10X Bilt Points) and the usual rewards they earn from their card (in that card’s rewards currency). The Bilt Dining bonus is earned in addition to any usual rewards.

So, not only can you enjoy a delicious meal, but you can also earn a significant number of Bilt Points, making your dining experience even more rewarding!

Boost Your Rewards with Bilt Dining and Rent Day Double Points

The Bilt Mastercard® introduces two exciting ways to amplify your rewards: Bilt Dining and Rent Day Double Points.
With Bilt Dining, you can earn as much as 10 points for every dollar you spend at participating restaurants. This means you get to savor your favorite meals while stacking up those reward points.

Meanwhile, the Rent Day Double Points program gives you the opportunity to earn 6 points for every dollar you spend on non-rent purchases on the first day of every month. This means whether you’re doing your grocery shopping, filling your car with gas, or indulging in a little retail therapy, you can earn double points on that day.

In essence, you can earn a whopping 16 points on your purchases by leveraging these two benefits. So, aside from enjoying the perks of your Bilt Mastercard®, you can also maximize your rewards and get a step closer to your dream redemption.

Travel Redemptions

For those bitten by the travel bug, the Bilt travel portal is your gateway to adventure. Powered by Expedia, the portal lets you:

  • Search for flights
  • Book hotels
  • Rent cars
  • Discover activities

Each Bilt point is worth 1.25 cents towards travel.

Feel free to plan your dream trip—your Bilt points are your ticket to worldwide adventures!

Transfer Partners

Bilt Transfer Partners

Fancy a little more flexibility with your Bilt points? Transfer them to one of Bilt’s 14 airline and hotel partners for potentially higher value. With partners like:

  • American Airlines
  • United
  • Hyatt
  • IHG

You can turn your Bilt points into miles or hotel points, giving you even more options when planning your next trip. Just remember that transfers are at a 1:1 ratio and require a minimum of 1,000 Bilt points.

Deep dive in to understrand Bilt rewards and transfer Partner:

Non-Travel Redemptions

Not planning a trip anytime soon? No problem! Bilt points can be redeemed for non-travel options, such as Amazon purchases, fitness classes, and even rent payments. So whether you’re shopping online, staying fit, or just paying your monthly rent, your Bilt points can help you save on everyday expenses.

Dive into the Bilt Rewards Program more:

Maximize Bilt Mastercard® with Chase Trifecta

To truly maximize your Bilt Mastercard® rewards, consider pairing it with other high-rewards cards, such as the Chase Trifecta. By strategically combining the earning potential of Bilt Mastercard® with cards like the Chase Freedom Unlimited and Chase Sapphire Preferred, you can enjoy a well-rounded rewards strategy that covers all your spending needs.

Both rewards can be redeemed to the same transfer partners. it means the rewards points are shared between Bilt and Chase Ultimate Rewards through the transfer partners.

The transfer partners for both Bilt Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards:
In this table, each blue round icon (🔵) indicates the presence of a transfer partner in the respective rewards program.

Transfer PartnersBiltChase Ultimate Rewards
Airline Partners
American Airlines AAdvantage🔵
Air Canada Aeroplan🔵🔵
Air France/KLM Flying Blue🔵🔵
British Airways Executive Club🔵🔵
Cathay Pacific Asia Miles🔵
Emirates Skywards🔵🔵
Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles🔵
Iberia Plus🔵🔵
United MileagePlus🔵🔵
Turkish Miles&Smiles🔵
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club🔵🔵
JetBlue TrueBlue🔵
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer🔵
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards🔵
Hotel Partners
IHG One Rewards🔵🔵
World of Hyatt🔵🔵
Marriott Bonvoy🔵

Experiment with mixing and matching your cards, and observe the surge in your rewards!

Comparing Bilt Mastercard® to Competitors

A person using a Bilt Mastercard® credit card to compare it to competitors

How does the Bilt Mastercard® stack up against its competitors? Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to popular cards like the Amex Blue Business Plus and Chase Freedom Unlimited, and see if Bilt Mastercard® has what it takes to come out on top.

Bilt Mastercard® vs. Amex Blue Business Plus

AMEX blue business plus

When pitted against the Amex Blue Business Plus, Bilt Mastercard® shines with its unique benefits for renters. While both cards offer rewards on spending, Bilt Mastercard® sets itself apart by allowing renters to earn points on their rent payments without any transaction fees.

If a card that rewards your most substantial monthly expense is what you, as a renter, are looking for, then Bilt Mastercard® is undoubtedly the best choice.

Bilt Mastercard® vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited

Bilt Mastercard® vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited

Bilt Mastercard® and Chase Freedom Unlimited both offer rewards on everyday spending, but the Bilt card has the advantage of fee-free rent payments. Chase Freedom Unlimited offers cash back rewards on travel, dining, and other purchases, while Bilt Mastercard® focuses on earning points on rent payments and other spending categories. For those interested in Chase Ultimate Rewards, it’s important to consider the benefits of each card before making a decision.

For renters aiming to earn credit card rewards to maximize rewards on rent payments without the burden of extra charges, the Bilt Mastercard® emerges as the superior option.

Who Should Consider the Bilt Mastercard®?

The Bilt Mastercard® is suitable for anyone who wants to earn rewards on rent payments, as well as for non-renters who can benefit from its travel and dining rewards. With no annual fee and a unique focus on rent payments, Bilt Mastercard® is an attractive option for those who want to make the most of their monthly expenses while enjoying a versatile rewards program and various perks and benefits.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Bilt Mastercard® is a valuable option for renters and non-renters alike. Its unique ability to offer fee-free rent payments, a versatile rewards program, and various perks and benefits make it an appealing choice for those looking to maximize their rewards on both rent and everyday spending.

So there you have it – the Bilt Mastercard® is a game-changer in the world of credit cards, offering unique rewards on rent payments and a host of other perks and benefits. Whether you’re a renter looking to make the most of your monthly expenses or a savvy spender seeking a versatile, rewards credit card program, the Bilt Mastercard® has something to offer everyone. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the truth about Bilt Mastercard® and reap the rewards.

Whether you’re a renter or just a person seeking to maximize credit card rewards, considering the Bilt Mastercard® is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Commonly Asked Questions

Bilt Mastercard® Review

The Bilt Mastercard® sets itself apart by offering fee-free rent payments and a rewards program that allows you to earn points on rent, travel, dining, and other purchases.

You can earn points on rent payments, dining, travel, and other everyday spending. Plus, take advantage of promotions and special offers, as well as the referral program to earn even more points.

Bilt points can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, rent payments, fitness classes, and more. You can also transfer points to airline and hotel partners for potentially higher value.

Bilt Mastercard® offers unique benefits for renters, such as earning points on rent payments and avoiding transaction fees. It also provides travel and dining rewards, making it an attractive option for non-renters as well.

Bilt Mastercard® offers travel protections, purchase protections, merchant discounts, and World Elite Concierge services, providing a comprehensive suite of features for cardholders.

You’ll need a good or excellent credit score (FICO score of 670 and above) to qualify for the Bilt Mastercard, so don’t apply if you’re not there yet!

The Bilt Mastercard® is a great choice for renters who want to maximize rewards on their rent payments and enjoy the benefits of double rewards on the first of each month. With no annual fee and strong earning rates, it’s a solid long-term choice for all kinds of purchases.

It looks like getting approved for the Bilt Mastercard requires excellent credit. So, the short answer is probably no – it’s not easy to get approved.

By joining the Bilt Alliance, you can start boosting your credit score today. Rent payments will be shared with all three credit bureaus, giving you a leg up on improving your credit score.

Good news – the Bilt Mastercard® doesn’t come with an annual fee, so you can enjoy all its perks without worrying about additional costs.

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