The Chase Checking Account Review: Get welcome bonus and Maximizing Your Money

Deciding on a Chase checking account? Discover which offering—Chase Total Checking®, Premier Plus Checking℠, or College Checking℠—best suits your needs. Zero in on the essentials: account features, fees, and benefits with our concise guide designed to help you make a smart financial decision without the guesswork.

Key Takeaways

  • Dodge the $12 monthly fee with Chase Total Checking® by making a $500 direct deposit, holding a $1,500 beginning day balance, or a $5,000 combo in linked accounts—because who likes fees?
  • Get a taste of the banking high life with the Chase Premier Plus Checking℠—if you can float a $15,000 balance or set up a direct deposit, you can wave that $25 monthly fee goodbye.
  • Chase College Checking℠ is the co-ed’s financial BFF—with a meager $6 monthly fee that can hit zero with a little budgetary acrobatics, plus quick-money moves with Zelle®.
  • There is a limited time offer, $300 Welcome bonus, for new checking account. Until 4/107/2028. Click here more detail.

Chase Checking Account Options

Chase checking account options

Chase checking accounts stand as the Swiss Army knife of the financial world, equipped with a variety of tools that cater to your unique needs. Chase offers the following checking account options:

  • Chase Total Checking®: a basic yet robust account
  • Chase Premier Plus Checking℠: a feature-rich account
  • Chase College Checking℠: a student-friendly account

Each account comes with its own set of perks and benefits, designed to enhance your banking experience and provide the utmost convenience with various deposit products.

Imagine being a proud Chase checking account holder. Not only do you have a VIP pass to over 4,700 branches and 15,000 ATMs, but you also have access to Chase online and mobile banking, a sophisticated Chase debit card with chip technology, and cardless ATM access. It’s like having a key to a secret treasure trove of banking perks.

You might be wondering about the costs involved in maintaining these accounts. Here are the account fees for each account:

  • Chase Total Checking®: $12 monthly service fee (waivable upon meeting certain conditions)
  • Chase Secure Banking: $4.95 monthly fee
  • Chase Premier Plus Checking℠: $25 monthly fee (waivable if you meet the requirements)

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A empowers you to control your banking costs.

Chase Total Checking®

For those who prefer simplicity with a dash of convenience, the Chase Total Checking® is a perfect fit. Opening this account doesn’t require you to break the piggy bank as there is no minimum deposit during account opening, and it also offers flexibility in terms of qualifying deposits.

The monthly service fee for this account is $12. But fret not, for Chase offers you multiple ways to dodge this fee.
For instance, you can avoid the fee by:

  • Having electronic deposits totaling $500 or more each month
  • Maintaining a balance of $1,500 or more at the beginning of each day
  • Keeping an average beginning day balance of $5,000 or more in any combination of this account and linked qualifying Chase checking, savings, and other balances

By meeting any of these requirements, you can enjoy a $0 monthly fee.

Yet, every cloud has a silver lining. Overdraft with Chase Total Checking® can cost you a $34 fee per overdraft, up to 3 times a day. But if you’re only overdrawn by $50 or less at the end of the day, they’ll give you a pass. And remember, using non-Chase ATMs comes with a $3 fee.

Looking at the brighter side, Chase Total Checking® offers the following benefits:

  • No Chase fee at non-Chase ATMs
  • Efficient Autosave option that automatically redirects funds to a Chase savings account
  • Free ATM withdrawals at non-Chase ATMs

Chase Premier Plus Checking℠

For those who prefer a little more luxury in their banking experience, the Chase Premier Plus Checking℠ is just the ticket. However, luxury does come at a price. This account comes with a $25 monthly fee, although you can avoid it by maintaining a minimum balance of $15,000 or by meeting other qualifying deposit requirements.

But don’t let the higher fee deter you. The Chase Premier Plus Checking℠ offers a royal treatment with:

  • Free personal checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders
  • Convenience of Autosave
  • No charge for using an out-of-network ATM four times per month
  • Zero liability protection for unauthorized debit card transactions

It’s like getting the VIP treatment without the VIP price tag.

The overdraft fees can be a whopping $34 per occurrence, but they cut you some slack if you’re only overdrawn by $50 or less at the end of the day. As for the minimum balance, if you can’t keep up, shelling out $25 a month might not be worth the extra perks. However, you can also avoid the fee by setting up direct deposit.

Chase College Checking℠

Ah, college life! The endless nights of studying, the thrill of newfound independence, and the dreaded task of managing finances. But fret not, for Chase has got you covered with its Chase College Checking℠ account. Tailored for college students, this account offers all the perks of a checking account with minimal fees, making financial management a breeze.

The monthly service fee for the Chase College Checking℠ account is a modest $6. But with some smart financial management, you could be looking at a sweet $0. A pretty good deal for the college crowd, wouldn’t you say?.

Even better? This account is equipped with the Zelle® feature, allowing you to send and receive money, facilitating quick money transactions with others. So whether it’s splitting the pizza bill or paying the rent, you can do it all with just a few taps on your phone.

Welcome Bonus

Looking for a sweet deal? How about a bonus just for opening a new checking account? Chase is offering a little cash bonus as a welcome gift for new customers. Just keep in mind, there are a few deposit steps you need to follow to get your hands on it.

Here’s the scoop: The Chase Total Checking® account comes with a cool $200 welcome bonus. It’s like getting a little extra treat on top of all the perks Chase provides. And if you go for the Chase Secure BankingSM account, you’ll get a $100 bonus. Just a small note – using the mobile app might mean standard message and data rates.

But, you’ve got to be quick! The $200 for Chase Total Checking® is waiting for you. Why not start your journey with Chase checking accounts and enjoy these bonuses today?

Limited time offer: $300 Bonus *valid through 4/17/2024

The Chase Total Checking® checking account Welcome Bonus
Chase Website

For a limited time, there’s a $300 Welcome Bonus available, up from the usual $200. The conditions for the bonus haven’t changed, so make sure to read the details below. If you haven’t opened a CHASE Checking account yet, now’s the perfect time to do so without waiting!

The Chase Total Checking® checking account Welcome Bonus
Chase Website
  • STEP 1: Open an account through the referral link
    • Click on the referral link to open an account online.
      Click here to open a CHASE account.
    • Or, Open an account at a bank counter with this referral link.
      Click here for the CHASE account referral link.
      *Be sure to show them the link. You will not receive any bonus.
C-L-Credit’s tips

If your credit history is still young or not enough, we recommend that you open an account at the Chase branch.

  • STEP 2: Direct Deposit
    • Make a Direct Deposit within 90 days of account opening.
  • STEP 3: Receive the bonus within 15 Days.
    • Your direct deposit will be credited to your account within 15 days. If you have not received your deposit after 15 days, please check with customer service.

Navigating Chase Mobile Banking

Navigating Chase Mobile Banking

Welcome to the digital age of banking, where managing your finances is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. Chase Mobile Banking offers a treasure trove of features, making your banking experience seamless and convenient.

Chase OnlineSM Banking, a convenient online banking platform, enables you to:

  • Manage your accounts
  • Verify statements
  • Monitor activities
  • Pay bills securely
  • Transfer funds

All under one efficient platform. This service is accessible via computer or mobile, making it a breeze to check balances, pay bills, and transfer money on-the-go, including ACH transactions.

If you appreciate the convenience of effortless bill payments, Chase’s Online Bill PaySM feature, also known as chase online bill pay, is likely to impress you. It allows you to effortlessly:

  • Schedule and handle your bill payments
  • Add payees and input their information
  • Select the bill you want to pay
  • Provide payment details

All from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Plus, you get zero liability protection for unauthorized debit card transactions, ensuring the safety of your debit card purchases.

Online Bill Pay

Tired of the hassle of paying bills the old-fashioned way? Enter Online Bill Pay, a feature of the Chase checking accounts that brings bill payment right to your fingertips. Establishing an online bill pay with a Chase checking account merely requires logging in to the Chase Mobile app, selecting ‘Pay and Transfer’, and incorporating the payee by inputting their name.

And while most good things in life aren’t free, with Chase, online bill payments come at a reasonable cost. A 1% fee of the payment amount, up to $25 per transaction, for a real-time payment. Considering the convenience and time saved, it’s a small price to pay.

Moreover, Chase’s online bill pay feature allows for the setup of recurring payments. So whether it’s your monthly Netflix subscription or your quarterly insurance premium, you can set it up once and forget about it, knowing that your bills are being taken care of on time, every time.

Mobile Check Deposit

Let’s face it, depositing checks at the bank is a chore. But with Chase, you can deposit checks right from your phone. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Chase mobile app.
  2. Hit up ‘Deposit checks’.
  3. Pick the account where you want the cash to flow.
  4. Snap a picture of the check with your phone’s camera.

Furthermore, the Chase mobile check deposit feature is compatible with all types of checks. Whether it’s your paycheck, a government check, or a birthday check from grandma, you can deposit it all with just a few taps.

The deposit limits for checks via the Chase Mobile® app are clearly outlined on the chase.com/QuickDeposit website, so you always know how much you can deposit at a time. And as for processing time, checks deposited on the same day or the next business day are typically processed quickly. But if you deposit a check after 11 p.m. ET, or on a weekend or holiday, it might take a tad longer to process.

Avoiding Monthly Service Fees with Chase

Despite the convenience and perks offered by Chase checking accounts, they do entail monthly service fees. But don’t worry, there are several ways to dodge these fees and make the most of your Chase checking account.

For instance, you can avoid the monthly service fee for the Chase Total Checking® account by simply linking it to one of the Chase savings accounts, such as a Chase Savings account. It’s an easy and effective way to save on banking costs.

And it’s not just the Chase Total Checking® account that offers this benefit. The Chase Premier Plus Checking account allows you to avoid monthly fees by linking up to two additional accounts and a personal savings account. The Chase Secure Banking account, too, needs a linked Chase Savings account to avoid these service fees. So, with a little planning and smart banking, you can enjoy all the perks of a Chase checking account without the monthly service fee.

Understanding Overdraft Protection and Fees

Overdraft protection is a financial safety net that can save you from the embarrassment of declined transactions due to insufficient funds. It’s a backup funding source that comes to your rescue when your primary checking account can’t complete a transaction or payment.

Chase offers an optional overdraft protection feature for its checking accounts that lets customers choose a backup account to cover transactions when the primary account is running low. It’s like having a financial guardian angel looking out for you.

Note, however, that not all overdrafts receive the same treatment. With Chase Overdraft Assist, you won’t be charged an overdraft fee if your account is overdrawn by $50 or less by the end of the day, or if you manage to balance it back to positive by the same day. So, while you should always strive to maintain a positive account balance, it’s good to know that Chase has got your back in case of occasional slip-ups.

Accessing Chase ATMs and Branches

Accessing Chase ATMs and Branches

As a Chase checking account holder, you have access to a vast network of over 15,000 ATMs and more than 4,700 branches. So whether you’re in the heart of the city or in the middle of nowhere, you’re never far from a Chase ATM or branch.

You might be curious about the ATM fees. Well, Chase has got that covered too. The bank offers up to $25 of foreign ATM fee rebates each month, allowing you to withdraw cash from non-Chase ATMs without worrying about the surcharges.

And if you’re ever in a new city and looking for the nearest Chase ATM or branch, you can simply visit the Chase locator website. It provides all the information you need, including:

  • Location hours
  • Directions
  • Customer service numbers
  • Available banking services

It’s like having a GPS for navigating financial institutions and your banking needs.

Additional Perks and Benefits

Everyone appreciates a bonus. With a Chase checking account, a plethora of additional perks and benefits await to enrich your banking experience. For instance, the Chase Disney Visa debit card offers savings and perks at Disney theme parks, cruises, retail spots, and live entertainment purchases.

And if you’re a sports and entertainment enthusiast, the Chase Private Client Checking offers exclusive benefits that can make you feel like a VIP. From access to hospitality lounges and early ticket sales to premium seating at all the hottest events, you can enjoy it all with this account.

So, whether you’re a Disney fan, a sports enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys a few extra perks, Chase has got you covered. It’s just another way Chase enhances your banking experience and adds more value to your money.

Comparing Chase Checking Accounts to Competitors

Selecting a checking account is a significant decision, hence, exploring all available options is always beneficial. That’s why we’re going to compare Chase checking accounts to some of the other popular options in the market, namely Amex Rewards Checking and CapitalOne 360 Checking.

In the world of high-yield checking accounts, the national average APY is a mere 0.06%. However, high-yield checking accounts offer an APY well above that average. So, it’s important to compare this with the interest rates offered by Chase checking accounts to gauge their competitiveness.

VS. Amex Rewards Checking


When we delve into the topic of “Comparing Chase Checking Accounts to Amex Rewards Checking,” we’re essentially contrasting two distinct approaches to personal banking, each tailored to meet different customer needs and preferences.

Amex Rewards Checking: A Digital-First, Rewards-Centric Approach

  • High Yield: Amex Rewards Checking stands out with its 1.00% APY, significantly higher than the average national rate.
  • Fee Structure: This account boasts no fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • ATM Access: Enjoy fee-free withdrawals at over 37,000 ATMs across the country.
  • Rewards on Spending: For every $2 spent on eligible purchases with the Rewards Checking debit card, you earn 1 point, integrating the rewards system of Amex credit cards.
  • Online and Mobile Banking: The account is designed for the digitally savvy, with robust online banking and a user-friendly mobile app.
  • Security Features: It includes comprehensive security features like purchase protection and fraud protection.
  • Eligibility: However, it’s exclusive to Amex members with a history of at least three months with a consumer credit card.
  • Physical Branches: A notable absence is physical branches, as Amex operates primarily online.

Chase Total Checking®: Traditional Banking with a Personal Touch

  • Branch Network: Chase shines with its extensive branch network, ideal for those who prefer in-person banking.
  • Maintenance Fee: The account has a maintenance fee, but it can be waived under certain conditions.
  • Customer Service: Chase is known for its personalized customer service and ease of access to funds.
  • Digital Banking Tools: Despite its traditional approach, Chase also offers comprehensive online and mobile banking solutions.

The choice between Amex Rewards Checking and Chase Total Checking® boils down to what you value more in your banking experience. If you’re after a high-yield, fee-free account with rewards and are comfortable with digital-only banking, Amex Rewards Checking is a compelling option. Conversely, if you prefer the traditional banking model with a wide network of physical branches and personalized customer service, albeit with a potential fee, Chase Total Checking® is a strong contender. Each account brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to different aspects of modern banking needs.

VS. CapitalOne 360 Checking

Capital One

CapitalOne 360 Checking is another worthy contender in the checking account arena. From secure banking with fdic insured protection and fraud coverage to zero fees for overdraft options and an interest on your balance, this account offers a host of benefits.

Capital One 360 Checking: A No-Fee, Flexible Online Banking Experience

  • Fee Structure: The Capital One 360 checking account stands out as a truly no-fee account, with no monthly maintenance, overdraft, or NSF fees.
  • Overdraft Options: It offers three flexible overdraft options: auto-decline, free savings transfer, and next-day grace.
  • Interest-Earning Account: This account earns an interest of 0.10% on all balances, which is above the national average.
  • Digital-First Approach: Comes with a 360 Checking Mastercard debit card, a complimentary first checkbook, and online bill pay options. There’s no requirement for an opening deposit or an ongoing balance.
  • Physical Branches: While Capital One does have physical branches, their banking services are primarily geared towards online and mobile banking.

Also, CapitalOne has amazing 360 saving:

  • 360 Performance Savings: This high-yield savings account is a standout feature. It offers a significant 4.35% APY, far surpassing many competitors. Like the checking account, it has no minimum deposit or balance requirements and no fees.
  • Integration: The 360 Performance Savings account pairs well with the 360 Checking account, making it easy to manage both savings and everyday finances in one place. The option for automatic transfers enhances savings efforts, making it ideal for long-term goals like emergency funds, vacations, or education savings.

What distinctly sets CapitalOne 360 Checking apart is its overdraft protection sans any fees. Unlike Chase, which charges a $34 fee per overdraft, CapitalOne 360 Checking offers options with no fees, making it a great option for those who want a little extra financial safety net.

Choosing between Chase Total Checking® and Capital One 360 Checking depends on your banking style and needs. If you value physical branch access, personalized customer service, and are comfortable with managing a fee structure, Chase Total Checking® is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a no-fee, interest-earning account with a strong digital banking experience and flexible overdraft options, Capital One 360 Checking is an attractive option. Both accounts offer distinct advantages and cater to different aspects of personal banking preferences.

Helpful for getting chase credit card approval

Having an existing relationship with Chase, like a mortgage or a checking account, isn’t required for credit card approval, but it can be beneficial. If you’re already banking with Chase, this positive connection may improve your chances of getting approved for their credit card. Also, using your existing Chase account to apply can speed up the application process, thanks to auto-filled information.

Chase also considers other factors like your credit history, utilization, and the details in your credit report and application to decide on your credit card eligibility.

Check the Chase Credit cards:

Choosing the Right Chase Checking Account for You

Choosing an apt checking account is akin to finding the perfect pair of shoes. It has to fit your needs, complement your lifestyle, and of course, feel comfortable. When it comes to Chase checking accounts, your financial situation, including your credit score and banking history, can influence your eligibility for certain accounts.

Consider the services you’ll need, the access to financial services, both in-person and online, and the potential to earn a sign-up bonus. For instance, the Chase Total Checking® is perfect for those looking for a no-frills checking account with a simple way to dodge the $12 monthly service fee.

Ultimately, picking the suitable Chase checking account hinges on comprehending your financial needs and how various account features can cater to those needs. So, take your time, do your research, and make the choice that’s right for you.


In the world of personal finance, choosing the right checking account can go a long way in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free banking experience. Chase checking accounts, with their wide range of features and benefits, provide a reliable and convenient banking solution for a variety of needs.

Whether it’s the simplicity and convenience of the Chase Total Checking®, the luxury perks of the Chase Premier Plus Checking℠, or the student-friendly features of the Chase College Checking℠, there’s a Chase checking account for everyone. Add to that the convenience of mobile banking, the ability to avoid monthly service fees, and the plethora of additional perks and benefits, and you have a banking experience that’s hard to beat.

So, whether you’re a seasoned banker or a novice stepping into the world of personal finance, a Chase checking account can be a great ally in your financial journey. Don’t just settle for any checking account, choose one that fits your lifestyle, meets your financial needs, and helps you achieve your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Question

—Chase Total Checking®, Premier Plus Checking℠, or College Checking℠—

Nope, you don’t need a minimum balance for a Chase checking account, but keeping a certain balance can help you dodge monthly fees, like the $12 fee for Chase Total Checking® which gets waived with a $1,500 daily balance.

Yes, you can get a $200 bonus from Chase by opening a new checking account and making qualifying direct deposits within 90 days. So, go ahead and snag that bonus!

Chase is a great option for a checking account, as it offers a wide range of accounts, a large branch network, and a highly-rated mobile app. Plus, some accounts even come with a sign-up bonus! Give it a go and see for yourself!

You can avoid the $12 monthly fee for Chase Total Checking® by maintaining a $1,500 balance at the beginning of each day. No minimum balance is required, but keeping this amount will waive the fee.

Yes, you can open a Chase account online from the comfort of your own home. Just fill out the application and provide the required personal information, such as your Social Security Number and ID.

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