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Perfect Travel Insurance Guide of Amex Platinum Benefits | Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Car rental Insurance, and more

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Traveling is an adventure, but it often comes with its set of uncertainties. Whether it’s a canceled flight or a medical emergency, unexpected events can disrupt even the most meticulously planned trips. That’s where the Amex Platinum travel insurance steps in, providing a safety net that helps you deal with travel disruptions without financial strain. This guide will take you through the ins and outs of what the Amex Platinum Card offers, from trip cancellation and interruption insurance to baggage coverage and beyond.

Our Picks

The American Express Platinum

Annual Fee $695

Intro Offer

  • 80,000 Membership Rewards points (Sometimes 10K or more!) *After spending $8,000 on eligible purchases in the first 6 months.

Earning Category

  • 5X on Flight booked directly with airlines or on amextravel.com(up to $500,000 per calendar year)
  • 5X on eligible prepaid Hotel booked directly on amextravel.com
  • 1X on other purchases


  • Travel Credits: $200 airline fee credit, $200 hotel credit.
  • Uber Credits: $200 annually.
  • Digital Entertainment Credit: $240 annually.
  • Equinox Credit: $300 annually.
  • Global Lounge Access: Complimentary entry to 1,300+ airport lounges.
  • Hotel Benefits: Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection perks.
  • Global Entry/TSA PreCheck Fee Credit: Up to $100 for application fees.
  • Premium Concierge Service: 24/7 assistance for various needs.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance: Includes trip delay, baggage, and rental car insurance.
  • Car Rental Status: Elite status with Avis, Hertz, and National.
  • Hotel Elite Status: Gold status with Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy.

What can Amex Platinum travel insurance benefits?

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Amex Platinum Trip Cancellation Coverage

Trip cancellation coverage is an essential benefit for travelers who face unexpected events that force them to cancel their plans before departure. With the Amex Platinum travel insurance, this coverage helps to mitigate the financial impact of cancelling a trip due to covered reasons, which typically include:

  • Serious illness or injury: Affecting you, a traveling companion, or an immediate family member.
  • Death: Of you, a traveling companion, or an immediate family member.
  • Severe weather: That prevents you from traveling.
  • Unexpected legal obligations: Like jury duty or a court summons.
  • Military orders: Requiring deployment or relocation.
  • Terrorist incident or hijacking: At your planned destination.

Key Aspects of Trip Cancellation Coverage:

  • Reimbursement: The insurance reimburses you for non-refundable travel expenses, such as flights, hotels, and pre-paid tours.
  • Coverage Limits: Similar to trip interruption insurance, the coverage limits vary and should be confirmed by checking the specific terms of your Amex Platinum policy.
  • Activation: To activate this coverage, the entire fare (or a significant portion of the trip costs) must typically be charged to your Amex Platinum Card.
  • Exclusions: Not all reasons for cancellation are covered. For example, cancellations due to pre-existing medical conditions or changes in personal plans are typically not covered unless specifically stated.

Trip cancellation insurance is designed to provide peace of mind by covering expenses incurred from cancellations that are out of your control, ensuring that unexpected events don’t lead to significant financial loss.

Trip Interruption Coverage

Amex Platinum Trip Interruption

Trip interruption coverage is a crucial safety net, providing financial protection if unforeseen circumstances force you to cut your trip short. Amex Platinum travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring you’re not left with the full burden of expenses if emergencies like severe illness, the death of a close relative, or natural disasters disrupt your plans.

Trip Interruption Insurance Features:

  • Reimbursement: Compensates you for the non-refundable costs of unused travel arrangements when a covered event forces you to return home early.

Coverage Triggers:

  • Severe illness or injury to you or a travel companion
  • Death of a close relative
  • Natural disasters or significant events that make travel impossible or unsafe

What You’re Covered For:

  • Unused portions of non-refundable travel tickets
  • Non-usable pre-paid accommodations
  • Non-refundable pre-paid tours and activities

Benefit Limit and Eligible Travelers:

Coverage limits and eligibility may vary depending on your specific policy. Check your Amex Platinum travel insurance documentation for precise details. Coverage typically extends to the primary card member, their domestic partner, and their dependents.

Important Note:

  • Coverage limits for trip interruption on the Amex Platinum Card can vary; it’s crucial to review your policy’s terms for specific details.
  • This insurance aims to reimburse you for non-refundable expenses if you need to abruptly end your trip due to an unexpected event.
  • You can locate the exact maximum benefit amount in your Amex Platinum travel insurance policy documents. American Express usually provides substantial coverage, but confirming these details will ensure that it meets your travel needs.

Remember, this coverage is there to help you manage the costs associated with interrupted travel plans, giving you peace of mind to travel with confidence despite the uncertainties of life.

Trip Delay Insurance

Amex Platinum Trip Delay Insurance

Trip delay insurance is another valuable component of the Amex Platinum travel insurance. It provides financial support when your travel plans are unexpectedly delayed due to reasons covered by the policy. Here’s how this insurance works for Amex Platinum cardholders:

Key Features of Trip Delay Insurance:

  • Coverage Amount: Up to $500 per covered trip.
  • Eligibility: If a round-trip is paid for entirely with the Amex Platinum Card, and the trip is delayed for more than 6 hours due to a covered reason.
  • Covered Expenses: Reimbursement for reasonable, additional expenses like meals, lodging, toiletries, and transportation while you’re delayed.
  • Max Claims: 2 claims per eligible card per 12 consecutive month period.

Coverage Trigger:

Delays must be caused by covered reasons such as inclement weather, mechanical breakdowns of a common carrier vehicle, or a strike affecting public transportation.

What You’re Covered For:

  • Meals and Lodging: Coverage for meals and a hotel room if the delay makes overnight accommodation necessary.
  • Transportation Costs: Reimbursement for additional transportation costs needed to reach your destination or return home if the delay significantly disrupts your travel plans.
  • Incidentals: Some policies may cover incidental expenses like purchasing essential toiletries or clothing while you’re waiting.

Coverage Limits:

  • Maximum Benefit: The total limit for trip delay insurance will vary but is usually around $500 per covered trip.
  • Per Incident/Per Day Cap: Your policy might have a cap on the amount reimbursable per delay incident or per day of delay.

Trip delay insurance is designed to alleviate the inconvenience and extra costs associated with unexpected travel delays, making it less stressful when things don’t go as planned.

Baggage Coverage: Loss, Damage, Delay

Amex Platinum Baggage Coverage: Loss, Damage, Delay

When traveling, your baggage is an essential part of your journey. Whether it’s lost, damaged, or delayed, dealing with baggage issues can be frustrating and costly. The Amex Platinum Card provides comprehensive baggage coverage to mitigate these concerns and help you enjoy a worry-free trip.

Key Features of Baggage Coverage:

  • Coverage Scope: This benefit protects your baggage against loss, damage, or delays during covered trips.
  • Activation: Coverage is generally activated when travel arrangements are charged to the Amex Platinum Card, ensuring that both domestic and international trips are covered.

What’s Covered:

  • Loss and Damage: Compensation for baggage that is lost or damaged during your trip, including the contents of your baggage.
  • Delay: Reimbursement for essential items purchased as a result of baggage delays, typically when your baggage is delayed for more than a few hours.

Coverage Details:

  • Reimbursement Amounts: The policy provides specific limits on how much you can be reimbursed per incident, which can cover the cost of replacing necessary items and the baggage itself.
  • Immediate Needs: For delayed baggage, coverage often includes expenses for essential items such as clothing and toiletries to tide you over until your baggage arrives.
  • Checked Baggage: Up to $2,000 per person in excess of coverage provided by the common carrier (like an airline)
  • Carry-On Baggage: Up to $1,250 per person in excess of coverage provided by the common carrier
  • Combined Maximum: Up to $3,000 per trip for both checked and carry-on baggage.

Important Notes:

  • Coverage Limits: These are per-person limits, and there’s also a $3,000 aggregate limit for all travelers per trip.
  • Common Carrier Coverage: Your airline or other travel provider usually offers some basic coverage for lost or damaged luggage. The Amex coverage kicks in after that, up to the limits mentioned above.
  • New York Residents: Baggage coverage limits are slightly different for New York residents.
  • Exclusions: Certain high-value items might have lower coverage limits or may be excluded. Please check your policy documents for specifics.

Benefit Limit and Eligibility:

  • Coverage Limits: The limits for baggage loss, damage, and delay are set per traveler and per trip, reflecting the value of the items and the typical needs of travelers.
  • Eligible Travelers: Coverage usually extends to the cardholder and family members traveling with them on the same itinerary.

Important Considerations:

  • Report Promptly: Always report any loss, damage, or delay to the carrier as soon as possible. Claims typically require a report filed with the carrier or local authorities.
  • Exclusions and Limitations: There are often exclusions for high-risk items such as electronics, jewelry, or items of special value. Additionally, some causes of loss or damage may not be covered.

Baggage coverage through the Amex Platinum Card helps address the unexpected costs and inconveniences associated with baggage issues during your travels. It ensures that you can focus more on your journey and less on the potential setbacks caused by baggage problems.

Emergency Medical & Dental

Amex platinum Emergency Medical & Dental

When traveling far from home, knowing you have access to medical care without facing steep costs can be reassuring. The Amex Platinum Card includes emergency medical and dental benefits, providing crucial support if you encounter health issues while away from home.

Key Features of Emergency Medical & Dental Benefits:

  • Coverage Scope: This insurance helps cover expenses associated with emergency medical and dental care needed while traveling.
  • Activation: Coverage typically activates when you travel a certain distance from home—usually 100 miles or more—ensuring that you’re covered during both domestic and international trips.

What’s Covered:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Costs for necessary medical treatment due to illness or injury during your trip are covered.
  • Emergency Dental Treatment: Immediate dental care expenses to relieve pain are also covered, which can be particularly important in areas where dental care is expensive.

Coverage Details:

Direct Payment to Providers: In many cases, the insurance can pay medical providers directly, so you don’t have to handle large out-of-pocket payments and seek reimbursement later.

24/7 Assistance: The benefit includes access to a 24/7 hotline that provides assistance and coordinates with local medical facilities, ensuring you receive care in urgent situations. The details is below:

1. Premium Global Assist Hotline

2. Global Assist Hotline

  • This hotline offers similar services to Premium Global Assist and can be used if you don’t have your PGA information immediately on hand.
  • Toll Free: 1-800-333-AMEX (2639)
  • Direct Dial Collect (Outside US and Canada): 1-715-343-7977

Important Notes:

  • Always call the hotline first: They will direct you to the best medical care and coordinate with your insurance as needed.
  • Terms and Conditions: Review your card’s benefit guide for the full details regarding these assistance services.

Benefit Limit and Eligibility:

  • Coverage Limits: The specific limits for emergency medical and dental benefits can vary significantly based on your policy terms.
  • Eligible Travelers: Typically includes the cardholder, their domestic partner, and dependents traveling with them.

Important Considerations:

  • Pre-existing Conditions: Like many travel insurance policies, coverage for pre-existing conditions may be limited or excluded, so it’s important to review the details of your policy.
  • Necessary Documentation: To facilitate claims, keep detailed records of all medical consultations, treatments, and receipts.

Emergency medical and dental benefits are designed to reduce the financial and logistical stress of dealing with health emergencies while traveling. With these protections, you can focus more on recovery and less on how you’ll manage potential expenses.

Emergency Medical Transportation

Amex Platinum Emergency Medical Transportation

One of the most significant aspects of travel insurance is the provision for emergency medical transportation. This benefit is critical if you find yourself in a remote area or a place where adequate medical facilities are not available. The Amex Platinum Card offers robust coverage for such situations, ensuring that you can be transported to a facility that can provide the necessary medical care.

Key Features of Emergency Medical Transportation:

  • Coverage Scope: This benefit covers the costs of transporting you to a suitable medical facility in the event of a serious illness or injury that cannot be adequately treated locally.
  • Activation Criteria: Coverage is generally activated when a qualified medical professional determines that necessary treatment is not available locally and transportation is required to a suitable medical facility.

What’s Covered:

  • Medical Evacuation: The costs of medical evacuation, including ambulance, air ambulance, or medically equipped flights, are covered if deemed necessary.
  • Repatriation: If you need to be transported back to your home country for treatment, this benefit also covers those costs.

Coverage Details:

  • Pre-Approval Required: It’s typically necessary to obtain pre-approval from the insurance provider before arranging emergency transportation to ensure that the costs will be covered.
  • Coordination of Services: The Amex Platinum benefits include coordination of transportation and medical care through a dedicated assistance center, which operates 24/7 to handle emergencies.

Benefit Limits and Eligibility:

  • Coverage Limits: The limits for emergency medical transportation can be very high, reflecting the potentially substantial costs involved in such operations.
  • Eligible Travelers: Coverage usually extends to the cardholder, their family members, and possibly other traveling companions, depending on the specific terms of the policy.

Important Considerations:

  • Documentation: Always keep detailed documentation of the medical advice and transportation arrangements, as these are necessary for claims.
  • Exclusions and Limitations: Certain high-risk activities or pre-existing conditions may be excluded from coverage, so check your policy for specifics.

Emergency medical transportation is designed to ensure that during critical health emergencies, while traveling, logistical and financial concerns about transport to adequate facilities are taken care of, allowing you and your loved ones to focus on health and recovery.

Rental Car Coverage

Amex Platinum Rental Car Coverage

Rental car coverage with the Amex Platinum Card provides valuable protection while renting vehicles during your travels, but it’s essential to understand its nature as secondary insurance and other specific details.

Key Features of Rental Car Coverage:

  • Secondary Insurance: This coverage is secondary, meaning it only kicks in after other forms of insurance (like your personal auto insurance) have been applied. It covers the remaining costs not covered by your primary insurance, such as deductibles or non-covered expenses.
  • Potential Coverage as Primary: If you do not have your own car insurance, the Amex Platinum’s rental car coverage can act as primary insurance. This means it will cover you directly without needing to file a claim with another insurer first.

What’s Covered and Benefit Limits:

  • Collision Damage and Theft: The coverage includes repair or replacement costs due to collision or theft of the rental car.
  • Coverage Limits: The coverage typically provides protection up to the actual cash value of the rental vehicle.
  • Towing Charges: Also covers reasonable towing charges to the nearest qualified repair facility.

Important Exclusions:

  • Liability Coverage: It’s crucial to note that this coverage does not include liability insurance. Liability covers damages to other vehicles, property, or injuries to other persons. You will need separate liability insurance for these risks.
  • Excluded Vehicles: High-value, exotic, and antique vehicles are generally not covered. This exclusion also often applies to certain types of vehicles like motorcycles, large trucks, and recreational vehicles (RVs).
  • Geographic Restrictions: Certain countries may be excluded from coverage. Always check if your destination is covered under the policy.

Activation and Additional Considerations:

  • Activation: Ensure that you decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver (CDW) and charge the entire rental amount to your Amex Platinum Card.
  • Duration: Coverage is effective for rental periods up to 30 days. Consider additional coverage for longer rentals.

Proactive Measures:

  • Documentation: Always maintain thorough documentation of the rental agreement and any communications regarding the rental or coverage, especially in the event of an accident or claim.
  • Check for Need of Additional Coverage: Since liability is not covered, it may be wise to purchase supplemental liability insurance from the rental agency or another provider, particularly if traveling in a country where your personal auto or credit card coverage may not be sufficient.

This enhanced understanding of the Amex Platinum Card’s rental car coverage ensures you can plan your car rentals during travel with greater confidence, knowing exactly what aspects of the rental experience are covered.

Comparing with Other Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer excellent car insurance benefits. To explore in-depth about car insurance options and discover ways to save money, check out this comprehensive article:

This link will guide you through a detailed comparison of car insurance features across various credit cards, helping you make an informed decision.

Understanding Insurance Activation: Flights Booked with Mileage

Amex Platinum Understanding Insurance Activation: Flights Booked with Mileage

When you book a flight using mileage points but pay the associated fees with your Amex Platinum Card, it’s important to understand which insurance coverages are activated and which are not. Here’s a detailed breakdown to guide you:

Activated Insurances:

  • Travel Accident Insurance: As previously mentioned, this coverage is typically active when any part of the travel fare, including taxes or fees, is charged to your Amex Platinum Card.
  • Baggage Insurance: This coverage is activated when any part of the trip fare is charged to the card, ensuring protection for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage under similar conditions.
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: Contrary to the earlier overview, if any part of the trip expenses, including taxes or fees, is charged to the Amex Platinum Card, this coverage is activated. This adjustment reflects the more flexible terms provided by American Express, which greatly enhances the card’s utility when booking with miles.
  • Trip Delay Insurance: As with the other coverages, if the fees and taxes associated with a mileage booking are charged to the Amex Platinum Card, this insurance should also be considered active.

Not Activated Insurances:

  • Rental Car Coverage: This coverage remains unaffected by flight bookings and requires the full cost of the rental agreement to be charged to your Amex Platinum Card.
  • Emergency Medical and Transportation: This coverage generally requires significant travel expenses to be charged to the card. It’s advisable to check specific policy details to confirm if minimal charges like taxes or fees are sufficient for activation when booking with miles.

Key Considerations:

  • Your Policy is the Authority: Always consult your Amex Platinum benefits guide for the most accurate details and any specific requirements.
  • Contact Amex for Clarity: If unsure, call Amex to confirm coverage levels when booking with miles.
  • Maximize Coverage: Consider charging a larger portion of trip expenses directly to your Amex Platinum to activate the full range of insurance benefits, especially when maximum protection is desired.

This overview should help clarify which insurances are likely to be in effect when you book a flight using miles but handle the fees with your Amex Platinum Card. Always check the specific terms of your cardholder agreement to confirm coverage details.

What To Do If Amex Platinum Insurance Benefits Fall Short

While Amex Platinum offers robust travel insurance, there might be times when its coverage doesn’t fully meet your needs. Here’s how to address those situations:

Assess Your Specific Needs:

  • Destination Risks: Are you traveling to a location with political instability, high crime potential, or extreme weather risks? You may need specialized coverage.
  • High-Risk Activities: Scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc., often require additional insurance.
  • Higher Coverage Limits: If you’re concerned about the limits for medical expenses, trip interruption, etc., consider policies with higher maximum benefits.
  • Extended Trips: Will your trip exceed the coverage duration of your Amex Platinum benefits? You’ll need a policy to bridge the gap.

Explore Additional Options:

  • Supplemental Travel Insurance: Purchase policies specifically designed to complement your Amex Platinum coverage. This allows you to tailor protection for specific risks or boost coverage amounts.
  • Consider Other Cards: Compare insurance benefits across different credit cards. Some may offer higher limits or coverages suitable for your travel style.
  • Liability Coverage: Amex Platinum rental car insurance excludes liability. If you rent vehicles frequently, a separate liability policy is wise.

More Considerations:

  • Coordination of Benefits: Check if your existing home, health, or other insurance policies overlap with travel coverage to avoid paying for redundant protection.
  • Professional Advice: Consult an insurance agent for personalized guidance on your specific needs.

The Bottom line

The travel insurance benefits provided by The Platinum Card® from American Express are among the most extensive available in the credit card industry, designed to cater to the needs of frequent travelers who require robust protection. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, these benefits offer substantial support for a wide range of travel-related incidents, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying your trip rather than worrying about what could go wrong.

Our Picks

The American Express Platinum

Annual Fee $695

Intro Offer

  • 80,000 Membership Rewards points (Sometimes 10K or more!) *After spending $8,000 on eligible purchases in the first 6 months.

Earning Category

  • 5X on Flight booked directly with airlines or on amextravel.com(up to $500,000 per calendar year)
  • 5X on eligible prepaid Hotel booked directly on amextravel.com
  • 1X on other purchases


  • Travel Credits: $200 airline fee credit, $200 hotel credit.
  • Uber Credits: $200 annually.
  • Digital Entertainment Credit: $240 annually.
  • Equinox Credit: $300 annually.
  • Global Lounge Access: Complimentary entry to 1,300+ airport lounges.
  • Hotel Benefits: Fine Hotels & Resorts and The Hotel Collection perks.
  • Global Entry/TSA PreCheck Fee Credit: Up to $100 for application fees.
  • Premium Concierge Service: 24/7 assistance for various needs.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance: Includes trip delay, baggage, and rental car insurance.
  • Car Rental Status: Elite status with Avis, Hertz, and National.
  • Hotel Elite Status: Gold status with Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries about coverage limits and activation, reviewing the full insurance policy documentation or contacting customer service is recommended.

FAQ: The Platinum Card® from American Express Travel Insurance

To activate the travel insurance benefits, you must charge all or part of your travel-related expenses (such as airfare, hotel bookings, car rentals) to your Platinum Card. Specific activation requirements can vary by benefit, so it’s important to refer to your card’s benefit guide.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance covers non-refundable travel expenses if your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to covered reasons, which typically include severe weather, illness, injury, or other unforeseen significant events. Pre-existing conditions and travel for medical treatments might not be covered.

The Platinum Card® offers various emergency assistance services through its Global Assist® Hotline, which can include medical and legal referrals and emergency medical transportation assistance. However, it is important to note that this does not substitute for comprehensive medical insurance.

The Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance on the Amex Platinum Card typically does not require a deductible. However, this insurance acts as secondary coverage unless you do not have personal auto insurance, in which case it can act as primary coverage.

If your baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged, you should first report the issue to the carrier (e.g., airline, train service) to file a claim. For coverage activation, keep all receipts and documentation related to the incident and contact American Express to file a claim under the Baggage Insurance Plan.

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